Huge Annual Back Issue Sale!

Saturday April 11th, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

1st Print Comics is pleased to announce our Huge Annual Back Issue Sale!!!  This is the big one that everyone loves, nicknamed our dollar sale.  Virtually the whole store is on sale, in some way, ranging from 20% to 75% off. We only do this ONCE a year, so please, come in and cross off your checklists.


  • All of our regular back issue bins are on sale.
  • Any back issue with a white price sticker UNDER $5, is $1.
  • Any back issue with a white price sticker $5 & UP is 20% off that price.
  • Any back issue with an orange price sticker is HALF OFF.
  • Recent back issue bins are half off cover.
  • Any trade paperback/grphic novel is 20% off our already reduced sticker price.
  • Any mini series/story arc/cover set is 20% off it’s tagged price.
  • The bargain bins are even in on the sale at half off!! $1 books are 2/$1 the day of the sale, and our quarter bins are 8/$1!!!

Exclusions (there have to be some)

  • Anything already discounted is not further discounted. i.e. the clearance bin of trades is not a further 20% off.
  • The wall and case books are NOT included in the sale.
  • New books are not included in this promotion. So any new book on our new wall, or new table is not on sale.
  • Anything on the site is NOT included in the sale. This is for in store items only.

So there are the details for our sale. As mentioned above, this is an annual sale. We do this JUST in the spring.  Really, clean up the checklists, and don’t miss out. It’s going to be a great day, and we want to see all of our regulars and hope to see some new faces too!


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